How It All Began

The self help and personal development industry is an 8 billion dollar a year business in the United States.  There are a million books, seminars, audio programs and other crap floating around. The best marketers tend to sell the most product and ultimately this comes at the customer’s expense.  I spent the last 5 years reading and listening to everything I could in the field of personal development.  After dedicating countless hours, reading upwards of 300 books, I was dejected, depressed and hopeless. I had no confidence, no belief that I could succeed or even live a happy and fulfilled life.  And to top it off, I  felt like I had been scammed out of thousands of dollars.  Then I hit rock bottom. I probably would have seriously contemplated ending it all, however on my refrigerator hung the quote from the movie Lone Survivor about Navy Seals: “No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets, or how far you fall, you are never out of the fight”.  This credo is the only thing that kept me going during those darkest days. In the depths of such despair, a close friend reached out to me and suggested I have a conversation with a friend of his who was a retired peak performance coach who had spent his career working within companies as well as with individuals.  After the first hour conversation, I was convinced enough to hire him as my personal coach. The cost was not cheap, however I had come to the end of my rope. I was either going to finally turn my life around, or I was going to die.  I truly believed in that moment- I burned the boats- I had come to the ultimate leverage point, a place of no return.

The first three months of my work with him were some of the most excruciating days of my life. We spoke 7 days a week for an average of an hour per phone call- yes this was all taking place over the phone (It wasn’t until a few months in, that I actually met this mystery coach in person).  He challenged me cognitively, emotionally and physically like I had never been pushed before. Soon enough, things started to turn around. About six months in, I was an entirely different person. I had gone from hopeless and depressed to energized and excited to wake up everyday.  Fast forward 14 months and I look back at my journey and the transformation that has taken place and it still amazes me.  I had read hundreds of self help books over the course of 5 years and nothing came of it. I actually was in a deficit after those 5 years. Then I began working with a peak performance coach and in less than a year, my entire life turned around.  We continue to have hour long conversations every morning and the learning and development feels like it is progressing at an exponential rate. I take my life out 5-10 years from now and I see myself in a completely different place than it would have been in had I not started working with him.

Maybe you are in a job you hate. Perhaps your relationship is on the rocks. Maybe you struggle with depression or anxiety.  This site cuts through all the crap that the self help industry is selling and provides tangible insight, knowledge and practices that can turn your life around in a relatively short amount of time (granted you commit yourself to a course in mastery).  The content here comes directly from my own personal transformation and includes the essential elements of our daily early morning conversations.

I want to illustrate what this blog can do to enhance your journey toward a more successful and fulfilling life by telling a brief story. Here is the essence of what is behind by THE PROBLEM IS NEVER THE PROBLEM:

There is an old story of a boilermaker who was hired to fix a huge steamship boiler system that was not working well.

After listening to the engineer’s description of the problems and asking a few questions, he went to the boiler room. He looked at the maze of twisting pipes, listened to the thump of the boiler and the hiss of the escaping steam for a few minutes, and felt some pipes with his hands. Then he hummed softly to himself, reached into his overalls and took out a small hammer, and tapped a bright red valve one time. Immediately, the entire system began working perfectly, and the boilermaker went home.

When the steamship owner received a bill for one thousand dollars, he became outraged and complained that the boilermaker had only been in the engine room for fifteen minutes and requested an itemized bill. So the boilermaker sent him a bill that reads as follows:
For tapping the valve: $.50
For knowing where to tap: $999.50
TOTAL: $1,000.00”

At the end of the day, education will most likely help you to find-a-job, while education combined with {insight x creativity x experience} will enable you to define your future.

Point-to-remember: Lots of folks can & do “tap the valve” – very few know precisely where to tap & why. Let us help you to be that tapper.